Walk it off!!

Our office sent out a notice last Friday letting everyone know that they’re paying for us to take part in a Global Corporate Challenge. You sign up in groups of 7 and everyone commits to walking 10,000+ steps per day for the length of the 16 week challenge.

There are incentives and little prizes for groups that meet different goals throughout the challenge. You also receive a backpack, 2 pedometers, a lovely pair of socks and a stress ball. 

This challenge will start 5/24 and run until 9/12. It starts before my surgery and will end a good month or two after.  This is perfect.  This will get me jump started and may even encourage me to bounce back faster as well.

The problem? I just started here a few months ago and – despite what most people think – I’m actually a bit shy.  I’m not the type to go, “Let’s DO this!!” (Unless I’m surrounded by close friends/family – then it’s a whooole ‘nother story!)

So, instead, I emailed the HR lady back and asked that she throw me in a group if anyone winds up short a person or two. 


Backing up a bit… when I started here, there was a woman who just bugged the crap out of me.  She’s not in our office – she’s up in NY.  This woman had me in tears after only a few weeks on the job.  She thinks everyone’s an idiot unless proven otherwise.  Thankfully, I have a bit of a history in this industry. Despite my shyness in person, I’m pretty good on the phone. I’m a hard worker and a smart cookie, if I do say so myself. Even though I haven’t been here long, there are a few that work here that know me from previous companies.  We’re not “friends” by any stretch, but they know my reputation.  One of them happens to be pretty high up the chain.  She put a call into Miss NY and explained to her that I’m not a hack, I’m going to take care of her and she needs to be nice.

The next day, I got a call. She told me what she’d heard and that it means a lot for someone to say that to her.  So she likes me now. 

Yesterday – the day before we’re supposed to turn in our teams for the GCC – Miss NY emailed me.  “Tell me you want to be on the International Corp Challenge Team.”  That’s all the email said.

I’m a complete dork – that made my day.  Not only have I managed to win her over, but she wants me on her “team” for this silly walking challenge.  The team consists of her office of 3, me, our VP of Ops, Director of Ops and the Ops Admin. Not a bad list to be on.

I plan to start walking on my breaks. I’ve been saying that since I started, but this will help push me.  I wish I was better at putting myself out there – asking people to go with me, etc.  I’m just not.

About a year ago – at my last job – I had a customer flirting with me by phone.  Then I was sent out to his site (and others) on a business trip. I thought, “Well, that’ll be the end of that!”  Not that I wanted him to flirt with me. I’m happily married to the man of my dreams (stop rolling your eyes, honey!!). But I figured meeting my fat ass in person would surely put an end to those shenanigans.

It didn’t. He was still very flirty.

I told my two best friends that it’s a sad testament to my low self-esteem that I thought for sure meeting me would have derailed him.

They both wrote back almost the same thing. “Since when do you have low self-esteem??”

I’ve gotten better with age.  When you  have three kids, there isn’t a lot of time leftover for self-scrutinization.  I’m not self-consciously staring in the mirror half the day, worried about every misplaced hair, every smudge of make up, etc.  But it’s still there – the self-doubt. I’m very confident in my abilities at work, but I have almost zero self-confidence in social situations.  I think losing weight will help me there. 

There’s a chick on YouTube that cracks me up with her “fat rants” – Joy Nash.  I don’t agree with everything she says, but she does this one bit about how we blame so many things on our fat, and that really hit home.  Would people talk to me more if I wasn’t fat?  Maybe it has more to do with people thinking I’m a bitch/pushover/psycho/etc than it does my body size/shape.  You just never know!

*sniffs armpit*  No, no… I’m good there…


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